About Us

The guiding principles of Mitchell's Meetings & Events are: exceptional customer service and accountability; integrity; and a commitment to excellence. We show our clients and their stakeholders that we care about them and their organization's mission. We combine proven practices and innovative approaches to plan, manage, and execute conferences that prove the value of working with us.

Our Vision: To be a trusted and sought-after company for conference and event management based on a stellar reputation for doing exceptional work for our clients, delivering on time, on budget, and exceeding our clients' expectations.

Our Mission: Delivering exceptional conference and event management services to organizations so that they can advance their mission and drive business.

Our Values: Our company's character is defined through the principles that guide our work and relationships with our clients and with each other. They will not be compromised for financial gain, or short-term expediency.

  1. We devote ourselves to client stewardship by striving to do the right things
    for our clients.

  2. We deliver extraordinary value and service to our clients — Customer Care — doing the job right and performing with vision, accuracy, and careful attention. Each of us is willing to step outside of our own sphere, organizational duties and immediate influence to help meet client needs, solve problems, or do what is needed to achieve the ultimate goal.

  3. We take care of our employees so they can take care of our clients — People Care. We offer our employees a challenging yet harmonious working environment where they can grow personally and professionally, make valuable contributions and reach their highest potential.

  4. We Give Trust and strive to earn it.

  5. We are relentless in our Commitment To and Pursuit of Communication that is open, honest, and clear.

  6. Ensure Cohesiveness and Alignment throughout our company. We will serve clients holistically, striving to ensure that all parts of our company are connected and working in harmony so that our performance is productive and cost effective. We do not let formal hierarchies and organizational boundaries get in the way of serving clients, solving problems

  7. Nurture the Power of Team Performance. We collaborate, compromise, solve problems, and reward. We lead by teaching, inspiring and promoting full participation.

  8. Exude Passion in our pursuit of knowledge and understanding of our clients' needs. Our passion springs from our belief that what we do on behalf of our client is important and meaningful, and that we are making a difference.

  9. We expect great things of ourselves, and work to constantly expand our expectations by remaining Committed to Continuous Training, Renewal and Self-Improvement. We leverage our collective knowledge and experience to benefit our clients. We accomplish this through ongoing intra-company sharing and networking, and in the development and use of a centralized knowledge repository of leading practices, tools and lessons learned.

Our Approach

We believe that a successful event is the product of a clear understanding of our client's goals and outcomes, vision, attention to details, expert planning, strong relationships with partners, and good communications with our clients.

  1. We will collaborate and communicate with you throughout the entire process to make sure you are comfortable and confident that all arrangements are being expertly handled.

  2. We will maximize the return on your event investment by leveraging opportunities before, during, and after your event.

  3. We will become an extension of your staff, ensuring the achievement of your objectives.

Our goal is to build a long-term partnership which will contribute to each of our long-term success.

Mitchell’s Meetings

& Events